Created 2017-05-23

Decorator is an Ecwid app for changing the look of your online store.

Easily change the colors, button styles, text styles and fonts to match your brand and website.

When you install Decorator, a new tab is added to your Ecwid Control panel where you can edit the style of your storefront.

Decorator is free to install, try and test. As you make style changes, they are instantly applied to a preview showing a mini overview of the storefront style for your guidance.

Draft styles you save are applied privately for you to test thoroughly in your storefront on your website and/or starter site[1].

To help you get started quickly, decorator has a "quick-start" mode where five basic settings: text style, and colors for text, headings, buttons and backgrounds, are applied to all the applicable style elements. Quick-start mode can be switched off to give you full control of all the style elements.

When you are ready for your customers to see the new storefront style, you publish it. You have to pay for the service the first time you publish. After that, you can make changes and publish as often as you like. There is a small annual renewal charge. Pricing details.

[1] Each time you save a draft, it will be applied for one hour only when you view your storefront in the same browser that you used to save it from the Ecwid Control Panel. This means that your customers will not see the draft style, so you can safely test it. You can re-enable a draft for testing anytime.