2017-08-15 updated 2020-03-01

The original e-shop designer services: Themes, Tweak, and the Theme Designer App closed completely on 1 March 2020. 

Here is some history and help:

2017 September - closed to new registrations. All known active users informed by email of closure in 2020.

2019 May - start sending warning emails to known users of the old services to remind them that the service is closing in 2020. Provide some bespoke help with each email to assist.

2020 January - access to the old services are blocked, but Ecwid stores using the services will continue to work

2020 February - Theme Designer app closed. Most images (buttons etc.) referenced by old e-shop designer custom CSS are changed to show an "expired" images.

2020 March - All images (buttons etc.) referenced by old e-shop designer custom CSS are removed. User accounts on www.e-shopdesigner.com are removed.

Users are encouraged to switch over to the new Decorator App which is much easier to use and has many more features.

The old Themes, Tweak and Theme Designer App services will keep running until 2020 when the services will be shut down. Note that support for new Ecwid features introduced from September 2017 may be limited.

The hosting expiry dates for user accounts that have paid for the Theme or Tweak service will be extended to Jan 2020, so you will have no additional charges to pay as the services approach retirement.

After January 2020, Ecwid stores that are still using the old e-shop designer services may experience issues with the appearance of their storefronts.

To avoid possible problems in the future, please either switch to using the Decorator App, or find another solution for styling your Ecwid storefront.

What will happen in January 2020?

  • The Theme Designer App will close at the beginning of 2020 when stores using it will no longer see the styling changes provided by the app. Access to the app will be restricted from January, and in February the app will be closed meaning no storefront styling will be applied by the app.

  • Sites that still use CSS provided by the older Theme and Tweak services may still be using images hosted on e-shop designer servers that will be removed. During January and February, you may see temporary "expired" button images that look like this on your storefront:

    If you are seeing button images similar to these on your store, you need to take action, as these images will be removed in March 2020.

    What you need to do:
    • Enable Ecwid "Next-gen look and feel of product pages on the storefront" - this will stop Ecwid from using images and use a more modern flexible style for the storefront. Here's how.
    • Stop using any custom CSS provided by e-shop designer. Here's how.
    • Uninstall the Theme Designer App if you are using it. Here's How.

If you have issues implementing the steps above, it may be possible to provide a new Ecwid Custom CSS theme for your storefront that provides the same styling but without using e-shop designer services. If you need this, please contact support@e-shopdesigner.com giving your Ecwid store id. If you would like me to apply the changes necessary, I can do that for you if you provide your Ecwid user and password.

Thank you for using e-shop designer.

It is with regret that I have to retire the old services, but I need to focus my effort on the Decorator app so that it supports Ecwid as it evolves in the future, and it will be impractical to continue maintaining the old services while doing this.