Unfortunately, it is becoming impractical to continue support for the Decorator App.

From April 2022, Decorator App will be discontinued.

An Ecwid custom CSS is provided for all paid users. This custom CSS can be applied to the Design section
of Ecwid to implement the same styling for your store without using the Decorator App.
This will allow you to maintain your store style after Decorator App is discontinued.

All active paid users will get at least one year of use during which they should apply the custom CSS.
and no more payments will be required after April 2021.

To get your custom CSS, go to the Decorator Tab in Ecwid (Settings > Decorator) and click on the "custom CSS provided here" link.

How will support for the Decorator App will be phased out between now and April 2022?

  • Up until the end of March 2021, new users will be able to pay to start publishing for a year, and existing users can renew their subscriptions.
  • From April 2021, no new subscriptions, or renewals will be allowed.
  • All active subscriptions on March 31 2021 will be extended until March 31 2022 without requiring any more payments.
  • From April 2022, Decorator App will be disabled. You must apply the custom CSS provided by this date if you want to maintain your store styling.

How can I apply a custom CSS to Ecwid?

Here is a video walk through showing how to get the customn CSS and apply it.

And this Ecwid help article explains custom CSS.

If you are not technical and used a web designer to implement your online store, please pass on this information to your designer so that they can make these changes for you.